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Welcome to Farm Table Gluten Free

The timeless tradition of placing warm baked bread at a meal gathering, wrapped in linen cloth, and placed in a basket, continues to complement tables to this day.

Farm Table Gluten Free has created gluten-free breads that satisfy all who gather around the meal table, not just those with a gluten-free diet. These amazing breads have exceptional taste and texture.  Our delicious baked breads are made with clean ingredients that are healthy, natural, vegan and allergen free.  Breads that taste homemade, work great with any recipe, and compliment any meal.  Packed frozen and fully baked, they love to be toasted.

You won’t find xanthan gum(read more) or other gums in Farm Table Gluten Free Bread.

“Celebrate Delicious Bread!” “Toast It Up!”

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The Farm Table Gluten Free Story

Founder Greg Paninos



We continue to love your bread! Being gluten-free it is very hard to find a bread that not only tastes great, but also has a nice consistency. Many of the gluten free breads I’ve tried before are either dry or taste very processed. 


We’ve been eating your sliced bread for more than two years. We keep a box freezer in our basement filled!


I tried your gluten free bread, and it was fantastic! I love that it is vegan, gluten free, and nut free! I especially love how it has no gums in it. It has a great taste, keep up the good work.  


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FARM TABLE GLUTEN FREE Narberth, PA  info@farmtableglutenfree.com (484)240-9418