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Welcome to Farm Table Gluten Free

Back in the day, fresh baked bread was found on each meal’s table, it was wrapped in linen cloth and placed to keep warm in a handmade basket. The daily bread is the perfect complement to a good meal.

Farm Table Gluten Free is all about bringing that welcome sight back to our dining table in a simple, delicious, allergen free and healthy way.  Our first offering, Artisan Original Bread tastes homemade, and yet, is modernly made. This was our fresh beginning, now complimented with new authentically inspired rollouts. Please join us and have a seat at our table.

You won’t find xanthan gum or other gums in our Farm Table Gluten Free Breads.

Join us in celebrating the difference we’re baking!


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Our Story

Founder Greg Paninos

We continue to love your bread! Being gluten-free it’s really hard to find a bread that not only tastes great but also has a nice consistency. Many of the gluten-free breads I’ve tried before are either dry or taste very processed.

-Jason & Lauren