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Founder Greg Paninos is an inspired home chef. He lives in a charming, walkable, small town outside of Philadelphia, PA with his loving family. Baking gluten-free bread was a natural outcome of missing good bread, it’s that simple. He is gluten-free. He wanted to create a bread that measured up to the foods he adored making. Family-style meals from scratch with lots of flavor, fresh ingredients, that is his style.

It was a little more than a thought to bake great gluten-free bread and then make great gluten-free bread. He sort-of became a little curious and then passionately obsessed. He was mission driven meets unstoppable with a pinch of figuring out what would make gluten-free bread taste real, toast like toast, and not break or crumble when handled. 

It was a bit of science and equal parts of process. But it was still a mystery, so in moments post work day, in slivers of a weekend when things were quiet around the house, Greg was baking bread. More bread and then more. The house smelling like fresh baked bread all the time. If only a candle could have that fragrance, it would be nice.

You could say he was even more committed after he managed to bake a loaf that made him proud. Family loved it. Friends said it was a YES and asked him to bake more. It was that homemade taste and texture that was special. 

Going from baking at home to being a founder of a company that produced bread for all to enjoy was a natural outcome, sparked by a dream. Greg and the team of folks supporting Farm Table Gluten Free are as everyday real as the bread. They are natural foods enthusiasts who eat gluten-free, have kids with allergies, or they do, eat vegan/plant-based, and have a commitment to healthy living. 

Our story is your story. We are so happy to break bread together!

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Founder, Greg Paninos



“We continue to love your bread! Being gluten-free it’s very hard to find a bread that not only tastes great, but also has a nice consistency. Many of the gluten free breads I’ve tried before are either dry or taste very processed.” 


“I’ve been eating your sliced bread for more than two years. We keep a box freezer in our basement filled!”


”I tried your gluten free bread, and it was fantastic! I love that it is vegan, gluten free, and nut free! I especially love how it has no gums in it. It has a great taste – keep up the good work.”  



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